Practice Areas

We have more than 30 years' experience representing individuals, businesses and lenders with real estate transactions, business acquisitions and expansions, commercial financing, real estate development and leasing, estate planning, land use and zoning issues, title insurance, vendor contracting and general corporate matters.

We are the experts for all cases

Commercial Real Estate 

Goodwin Hammond represents clients in all aspects of real estate law, including both residential and commercial, as well as land use and development.  Our attorneys have negotiated and drafted documents relating to the construction, management, financing and operation of real estate projects, including grading and other improvement contracts, contracts with architects, engineers and other consultants; contracts with governmental agencies concerning the entitlement and improvement of projects; and, agreements with other developers and owners concerning matters of mutual interest, covenants, conditions and restrictions, easement agreements and management agreements.


Commercial Real Estate


Our experience in commercial transactions includes:


Contracts, Options and Contingencies


Permitting and Zoning Requirements




Environmental Issues


Title Searches




Insurance Issues


Deeds of Trust


Eminent Domain


Surveys Taxes

Business Planning 

Representation Through The Life Cycle Of Our Clients' Businesses

At Goodwin Hammond, PLLC., we represent clients in all types of business planning matters, from the initial startup phase through business succession and the winding up of our clients' businesses.

Our firm boasts a remarkable team of experienced, knowledgeable lawyers. Our entire team has earned a reputation for exceptional representation through the life cycle of our clients' businesses. For clients seeking representation for any type of business planning matter from a premier West Virginia law firm, we offer efficient, effective solutions.

Business Planning

We represent entrepreneurs as well as established businesses in all aspects of business planning, including:

Corporate, partnership and limited liability company law

Corporate tax (subchapter C and subchapter S)

Partnership tax (subchapter k)

Tax-free reorganizations

Mergers and acquisitions

Sales and purchases of businesses

These are just some of the services we offer for business planning. For startups as well as established companies, we take the time to understand the objectives and interests involved, and we work as a team to create the right strategic plan.

Business Succession Planning

For anyone with an ownership interest in any type of business, there are countless options for the transfer of these valuable assets, and they are not equally effective for every situation. Our lawyers understand the complications involved with the transfer of business assets and the various legal instruments available. We take a strategic, focused team approach to understanding each client's objectives and providing solutions that will meet each client's needs.

Estate Planning 

Thorough preparation is often the key to success in any venture, including life. At Goodwin Hammond, P.L.L.C., we offer effective estate planning services for clients throughout the 55 counties of West Virginia. We understand that having a plan ahead of time often prevents future hassle when problems arise. For over 30 years we have focused on providing diligent, efficient and accurate legal services that help our clients meet their goals, whatever they are.

As attorneys, we use our knowledge and experience to help clients legally protect what they hold most dear, including their homes and their family’s continued well-being. Our estate planning services include assisting clients to:

Plan an estate that fits their budgets and goals

Draft effective wills and trusts that capture their wishes and goals

Establishing living wills or living trusts

Select durable powers of attorney

Set up advanced healthcare directives We also regularly help clients update their estate plans as circumstances in their lives change. Whether you just bought a house or wish to save for retirement, we seek to protect your lifetime investments and help you establish the legacy you want to leave.

Our firm provides effective and expedient solutions that accurately address our clients’ concerns and help them pursue their goals. We offer creative solutions that realistically address our clients’ concerns about the future. Action means nothing without results, so we diligently employ our resources toward finding the unique plan that fits your family, situation and goals.

Zoning and Land Use 

Goodwin Hammond offers experienced counsel in an array of areas, such as planning, zoning and other land use matters, including compliance with state and federal sales registration requirements.  Our attorneys are skilled in guiding clients through the maze of steps involved in land development, including myriad required filings, approvals, permits, as well as title searches and insurance. 


Our knowledge in general land use and development allows us to work with both large and small developers in a variety of projects ranging from industrial and commercial ventures to residential projects, including apartment complexes and condominiums. 


Our real estate services include both complex and simple purchase and sale transactions and related financing arrangements; litigation matters involving real estate or mineral lease and contract preparation; title examinations; and, other issues generated by the energy and natural resources industries. We also represent clients in major commercial and mineral sales and acquisitions, and complex transactions typically involving a concentrated effort over a short time period. 


We have extensive litigation capabilities in state and federal courts, regulatory agencies, and commercial arbitration, litigating issues such as condemnation, right-of-way, contract disputes and natural gas storage. We also have extensive regulatory experience in both federal and state affairs, having appeared before public utility commissions in contested proceedings related to the pricing of alternative energy. 

Commercial Finance 

Regulatory changes, fluctuating economic markets and evolving technologies pose frequent challenges and opportunities to lenders and borrowers. Companies and individuals engaged in commercial finance transactions often need sophisticated strategies and guidance to negotiate efficient financial arrangements that safeguard their interests and relationships.

Goodwin Hammond's commercial finance practice is recognized as one of the premier lending practices in the western United States: 20 of the nation's top 25 institutional lenders rely on our commercial finance attorneys to manage their most important customers and transactions. Our attorneys offer a comprehensive range of commercial finance services, including transaction structuring advice, document production, due diligence assistance, transaction facilitation, project management services and post-closing services. While the types of commercial finance projects we handle often vary in size, complexity and prominence, our attorneys approach every commercial finance matter with strategies and solutions tailored to fit the needs and goals of each of our clients.

Areas of Service

Our commercial finance services include:








Equipment financing and leasing


Letters of credit


Specialized project financing, including for Indian tribes and enterprises


Financial institution regulation


Open-end and closed-end consumer credit


Syndicated loan transactions


Agented multilender transactions


Multi-bank club transactions


Mezzanine financing


Individual secured and unsecured commercial loans of all sizes


Real estate acquisition




HUD and other federal loan programs